Tuesday, August 30, 2016

F1 2016: Belgian GP

Photo: Getty Images
Before telling who wins the Belgian GP of the F1 2016 season, something worst has occurred during the race.

The most horrifying crash in all of Formula One history occurred when Kevin Magnussen from Renault lost control at the top of Raidillon hill at Spa-Francorchamps, the venue of the Belgian GP of the F1 2016 season, The car violently fishtailed off the track and span 360 degrees. Luckily, Magnussen survived the crash and he was taken for medical attention.

Anyway, onto the race and with things looking desperate for the F1 stars racing for the podium finish in Belgium, the long-heated rivalry between the two Mercedes F1 drivers still going on as Nico Rosberg's the winner while Lewis Hamilton placed 2nd. Behind the rivalry, Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo finished 3rd place and so on.

Following Rosberg's win, he's now 223 points, behind Hamilton with 232 points, and Ricciardo moves to third with 118 points.

The next race is on Monza, Italy, this 4th of September.

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