Thursday, August 18, 2016

Forza Motorsport 6: Lil Macintosh

We all enjoy driving some of the best cars McLaren offered in FM6 such as the legendary F1, the technological MP4-12C, the ultra-powerful P1, and the swift 650S. With the arrival of the baby McLaren, the 570S, via the T10 Select Car Pack in-game, we wonder how does the little one lives up to the family tree even though they got the same bloodline between them.

But first, what's it all about the 570S? Premiered at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, the McLaren 570S, the first of the British sportscar company's Sports Series, marks its entry to the luxury sports car market. As the smallest in the McLaren range, it slots below the larger 650S.

Even though it is the smallest McLaren in the range, it still comes with the same 3.8L V8 Twin Turbo engine as the McLaren family tree but true to its name, it produces 570PS of power and 442lb-ft of torque. Apart from the performance, the 570S features a full carbon fiber chassis, resulting to a dry weight of 1,313kg and the power-to-weight ratio of 434PS per tonne.

Following its launch, the Sports Series feature additional variants aside from the 570S such as the less-powerful 540C coupe and the more cruise-worthy 570GT, which comes with road-tuned dynamics and a glass roof.

It maybe the baby in the McLaren family tree but by the way it behaves, the 570S feels like every other McLaren I knew and to compensate such a short power output in the range, its carbon fiber bodywork really makes it capable to flex its muscles through the bends. It almost feels like an extreme track toy in so many levels and if you get the hang of it, the 570S might just be the McLaren you're falling in love with since the ultra-powerful P1 and the 650S. If you got the guts to understand how the 570S feels for you, you can keep driving this car as long as you want until you figure out its inner strength hidden beneath its carbon fiber body.

To demonstrate, I'm at Silverstone to try this baby McLaren and to find out if its any good as any supercars get, I need a car capable of producing the same character as the 570S and I think I found something from the supercar history books.

As you can see here, I am rejoined by my old friend,the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and even though they produce the similar power output, the 570S has the upper hand due to its lightweight body and chassis but because the Gallardo's four-wheel drive, feels like this car wants a little "come get some" in a posthumus manner. Of course, the Gallardo's already replaced by the Huracan but its reputation as the baby McLaren that slot below its V12 brother can never be forgotten. Okay, let's start the battle, shall we?

The results: The Gallardo did it in 2:28.971 while the 570S did it in 2:26.232, around two seconds quicker. Not bad for a baby McLaren, though.

And there you have it, despite its youth, the new McLaren 570S is a well-matured supercar that is primed and ready to take on even the most mature of supercars the world has thrown at it and with this car ready to take on the world, the 570S is a prime specimen that is ready to follow the footsteps of the 650S and the P1 from the McLaren lineage. Welcome to the family.

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