Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Forza Motorsport 6: March of the V-Dubs (Part 1)

Now, when we heard the news that the upcoming Forza Horizon 3 will no longer feature Volkswagen in the lineup at launch, we were saddened by the shocking announcement that the iconic German car company will be missed out on its Australian journey on the next Forza Horizon game. Don't know why they exclude it but probably due to the ongoing scandals that VW faced so far, in fact, it's becoming not quite healthy for the scandal-stricken VW to be featured on video games, well almost.

golf golf (2)

It's a shame really because while we had fun driving the Golf VII R on FM6, it's sad to say that it won't be appearing in FH3 as well as the other VWs but because it's on an Australian landscape, maybe you can make V-dubs have a little taste of Australia...sort of. Well, since I'm on Bathurst, which is in Australia, I'd decided to give those V-dubs a little Australian vacation before their little farewell party.

In this first part, the 20th century masters of V-dub are having a little free time round Mount Panorama, Bathurst.


The classic Volkswagen Type 2 Sambabus, the minibus that became popular with the hippie crowd.


The original VW Beetle. As many cars go, this "people's car" remains one of the world famous cars in the history of motoring. It even got starring roles such as the original Bumblebee from the Transformers cartoons and Herbie from the wonderful world of Disney.


The first-generation VW Scirocco, which remains one of the most important VW hatchbacks to date and one of the finest specimens designed by the renowned Giugiaro.


The VW Rabbit GTi. Although this is an Americanized VW Golf Mk.I GTi, it's still one of the forefathers of the hot hatch realm.

scirocco (2)

The second-generation VW Scirocco. An evolution to the first one and the last Scirocco sold in the North American market.

golf (3)

The VW Gold GTi Mk.II, a second iteration of VW's hot hatch icon which takes its hot hatch level a little further.


The VW Corrado VR6, one of the rarest specimens on the road and already a classic in its own right when it stopped production two decades ago.

golf (4)

The VW Golf GTi Mk.III, a third chapter of VW's Golf GTi saga and it comes with the more potent VR6 engine sourced from the fallen Corrado.

Seeing those 20th century hits from VW, it's like living to its last toes while trying to fulfill what's on their bucket list today. From classic icons like the Beetle and the Sambabus, to hatchback favorites like the Scirocco and the Golf, those 20th century masters are living it up to the fullest like there's no tomorrow and because VW won't be coming back on FH3, presumably, feels like they're having a farewell party. Of course, they're all having a farewell party for VW's 20th century hits but what about the best of the 21st century from VW?

To be continued...

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