Monday, August 8, 2016

Forza Motorsport 6: Three Kings

Ah, Italy. Home of the three kings of exotic hierarchy that shaped the world of cars. From Bologna, you have Lamborghini. From Maranello, Ferrari. And from Modena, Pagani. Those three speed-driven factions don't seem to be getting along very nicely; with Ferrari always the king of the supercar realm, Lamborghini as a second-rate, trying-hard, bully of the bunch, and Pagani as the ranked outsider who wants to came out on top one day.

Today, I got a selection of three Italian V12 kings which represents the pride and valor held by the company that made them. From Lamborghini, it's the Aventador LP700-4. From Ferrari, the F12berlinetta. And from Pagani, the Huayra.

As kings, these cars are built to reign than to serve, but as rivals from different factions, it's hard to sum up how these three stack up. These cars have been around for half a decade since their launch, well, the Lambo and the Pagani had, but despite the changing climate of the car world, these kings are still reigning strong with better versions but rest assured that these original versions are still be remembered by most due to its revolutionary breakthrough these cars possess.

The F12 maybe the most powerful of the three but because the F12 is a class apart from these two, apart from the fact that both the Lambo and the Huayra are mid-engined royalties, it can't just storm in recklessly because despite its power advantage, its drivetrain is what confuses these two. Although the Aventador and the Huayra's V12 engine produces the similar power output, the Aventador is the most fun car to drive because its ancient engine sounds so natural to our ears (because it's naturally aspirated), its gearbox is so fun to shift than double clutches, and overall, it's so generous to drive even if you're not paying attention. The Huayra, though, even though it's a rear-wheel drive scaremonger, is just plain serious. Serious about getting the best lap times with its capabilities as a track weapon and a grand tourer in its own right.

With the three kings set to settle things once and for all, let's find out which is the best Italian V12 king by lapping these three round Monza.

At the end of the lap, I have the results. The Aventador did it in 2:05.499 while the F12 did it in 2:06.937 and the Huayra finished in a blisteringly quick 1:58.706. Which means, the outsider from Modena trumps the big-shots of the Italian exotic hierarchy.

Lamborghini and Ferrari may have been rivals of the supercar race but in the end, it was the order of the Pagani that brought this fight to a presumable closure because the Huayra was made to deal against the big-shots like the Aventador and the F12berlinetta, even though these three have the same V12 engine with different configurations their makers had made for themselves. The V12 may soon be a dying breed like what happened to the V10s due to today's climate but as long as these kings keep on fighting, this battle will keep going on until they gave up their cylinders as a sign of the times in the automotive industry, unless they find many ways to preserve it like what the LaFerrari did.

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