Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tales of Berseria

The latest mothership title of the two-decade-long Namco Tales franchise, Tales of Berseria, breaks the tradition of past Tales titles because for the first time in Tales history, a heroine will be the star of the new game, under the name of Velvet, a young woman who has a thirst for vengeance following a string of tragic events. Exclusively for the Playstation consoles, PS4 and PS3, this new installment is a Tales game unlike any other, giving a fresh new spin to the two-decade-old franchise that wowed millions of fans, new and veterans alike.

Tales of Berseria (PS4)
Set years prior to the events of last year's title, Tales of Zestiria, Velvet Crowe will be accompanied with different allies such as Laphicet, Rokurou Rangetsu, Magilou, Eizen, and Eleanor Hume, as they set sail through different islands in different adventures all in the name of redemption.

Just like any other Tales games from its 20-year back catalog, the people behind the franchise worked really hard to deliver a promising feel to the brand new mothership title. You get lots of anime stuff in the game featuring cutscenes made possible by anime studio ufotable. Just by sitting back and enjoy the anime cutscenes, this game really have you hanging for more and right before your very eyes, you might just find which is your favorite Tales of Berseria moments when you hit the SHARE button on your PS4 controller. 

Anyway, if the anime cutscenes didn't put you on, the gameplay has been the hallmark for the Tales franchise and here in Tales of Berseria, it's a completely different experience. You are introduced by a brand new Liberation-Linear Motion Battle System where you can add new option to map artes to control pad buttons for chained combo attacks. You can even take advantage of your character's special abilities courtesy of the Soul Breach combo attacks with other allies. With battles so intense, you can really feel the thrill of it just by attacking multiple hostiles on the battlefield and because up to four players can join battles, it's a lot more enjoyable to help others while battling different enemies.

While you're not exploring through dungeons, caves, or any other field of adventures, there are many ways to spend time getting to know the game while taking a break from the main story. From secret objects hidden through different locations, the landmark chat system where you can get to know about your favorite characters, riding on the rare board, the possibilities are near endless if you are playing Tales of Berseria just for fun.

For added fun, Tales of Berseria will offer DLC outfits over the coming weeks ranging from summer wear, school uniforms, maid and chef outfits, IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls costumes, and more, just to have fun with your favorite characters while on the go.

So, thoughts on the latest Tales titles? While this game breaks tradition from past titles, it still delivers the same Tales action and adventure while delivering the thrills fans are hoping for. With the game now out exclusively for the PlayStation consoles, fans are eager enough to play this new Tales game and see which part that made fans enjoyed the most. Having a woman become the star of the Tales game like Velvet, this is just one sure thing to prove that girls are tougher than boys in lead roles in video games and another thing that gets you noticed that if you enjoyed this latest Tales game the most, well, you get the idea but feel free to do what's next when you had this game for the thrill of it.

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