Friday, August 5, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Japan, US, S.Korea to work on N.Korea resolution

Sourced from NHK World:

Japan's ambassador to the United Nations says Japan will work with the United States and South Korea in calling on China and other countries to jointly condemn North Korea for its ballistic missile launches.

Koro Bessho made the comments in New York to reporters on Thursday.

The UN Security Council is discussing how to respond to North Korea's launch of 2 missiles on Wednesday. One of the missiles is said to have splashed down in waters inside Japan's exclusive economic zone located in the Sea of Japan. The missile is estimated to have flown about 1,000 kilometers and is believed to be a medium-range Rodong.

Bessho said multiple members of the Security Council are cautious about issuing a new resolution condemning Pyongyang.

He said some representatives urged dealing with the matter within the framework of Northeast Asia and stressed the importance of preventing a vicious cycle.

Bessho indicated that Japan, the US and South Korea would work together on the new resolution since a united stance would carry more weight.

But UN diplomatic sources say negotiations to arrive at the new resolution are making little headway.

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