Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Audi S4 B9

Based on the brand new and more technologically advanced Audi A4, the semi-high performance variant, the S4, in saloon and Avant versions, may have lost some of the charm points from its previous model, such as the loss of the manual gearbox and supercharger, but it's got AMG's C43 range in its crosshairs. So, is it better than before?

2017 Audi S4
2017 Audi S4 Avant

At first glance, the brand new S4 looks very identical to the normal A4 but when you notice some subtle changes on the exterior and interior to make it look semi-sporty but by stark observation, it's catered to be as elite as an honor student at a very prestigious academy. Remind you of any?

Anyway, once you're done digging out what's new, in and out, what's underneath is what matters because for the new model, the 3.0L TFSi engine loses its supercharger, resulting to become a turbocharged semi-high performance vehicle which a very average sound that makes you wanna go "hmmm". No bark though but the power output of 354PS of power and 500Nm is pretty impressive for a turbocharged engine but it's still short of power compared to Mercedes-AMG's C43. Still, could be worse, the only offering of an 8-speed tiptronic gearbox is one gear short compared to the C43's 9G-TRONIC as well. While it maybe restricted to 250kph, the 0-100kph time is now 4.7 seconds, which is vaguely the same as the C43's but get this; because the S4, like the A4, is utilized on an MQB platform like all good VW Group machines, it's 60kg less than the C43, resulting to combined fuel consumption of 7.4L/100km, compared to the C43's 7.8L/100km. How's that for a semi-high performance car?

As a light car compared to the C43, the new S4, with its signature quattro permanent all-wheel drive system, is a potent multirole that can handle through bends with mildness, even when it feels under the weather. Because it's lower than the base A4, courtesy of its sport-tuned suspension, its low center of gravity results to even better handling but it's still basically milder in body language and if you can sense its understeering woes, hope you got your painkillers ready because this going be an achy-breaky feeling.

Should you buy it? The S4 is priced at 59,300 Euros for the saloon while the Avant is priced at 61,150 Euros, competitively priced to the AMG C43 range, and while it produces less power than the C43, the S4, despite the loss of its supercharger and manual gearbox, still works like what a semi-high performance should and while this is classified as a sports car, it's still a luxury car ticking all the right touches in partial terms of endearment. Is it better than before? Don't be silly but it's a good fun finding out.

Photo: Audi AG

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