Thursday, September 8, 2016

Daihatsu Move Canbus

We all seen kei minivans throughout Japan from the Daihatsu Tanto, the Honda N-BOX, the Suzuki Spacia, the Mitsubishi eK Space, and the Nissan Dayz Roox. These kinds of kei cars showcase that even when they're small, they can be as practical as any minivans get in their lifetime. As demographics continue to shift through the years, the Toyota-owned Daihatsu has created a brand new kei minivan that is targeted for young women in mind. Let's take a closer look at the new Move Canbus.

2017 Daihatsu Move Canbus

It's hard to tell if this new kei car kinda reminded you of the old VW Sambabus from the last century but trust them. This ain't no "hippie" car you are familiar with, this is a girl's car fit for whatever girls do on their day out like going to the mall, doing ridiculous poses on photo booths, going on a food trip, cosplaying outdoors, karaoke, whatever girly stuff they can do on their free time and then record it on their diaries and post it online to show it to the world about what they do. Sounds so much for a Japanese young females' routine from day by day and this new Canbus does fit to their lifestyles very well. Of course, while this is purely a kei minivan, the Move Canbus has two sliding doors; that's one more than the Tanto had, meaning it's very easier to get out of while on a day out with the chicks.

2017 Daihatsu Move Canbus interior
2017 Daihatsu Move Canbus interior

Although nothing to see much about the interior, there's a nifty trick you will notice and that goes in the rear seats. Dubbed as "Make up" Seat, this cool trick can handle most of your stuff under the rear seats when you slide it open. Of course, while this is obviously practical at first, it can get a bit flashy when you store your shopping bags on the Make up Seat but on the positive note, it can be pretty handy when you're in a middle of organizing stuff on your daily routine ahead on your busy schedule. Of course, there are other conveniences the Canbus can offer, even the luggage under box for more space in the back while the rear seats are present.

2017 Daihatsu Move Canbus

With the fuel consumption of around 28.6km/L from its 660cc engine, the Move Canbus is very frugal and very economical to get you going for more trips to the shops without worrying about a single drop of petrol. As for driving, the turning radius of 4.4m means that the Canbus is the easiest to live out with and the easiest to park. While it features an array of safety tech, the Canbus is the first Daihatsu to come with Bi-Angle LED Headlamp with AFS which allows the front headlamps to adapt to where you're steering at. This is plainly common in most modern cars using that tech but for a kei car, that sounds like it does work while taking the journey back home after your little day out with your pals.

The Canbus starts at 1,188,000 up to 1,668,600 Japanese Yen, which is the most affordable of all the Daihatsu kei minivans offered. Sounds like a bargain but because this is really a girl's car, don't even think about getting excited to have one because this car is all too much reflecting on what every young Japanese females do on their free time.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

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