Thursday, September 1, 2016

Forza Motorsport 6: March of the V-Dubs (Part Two)

Previously, I held a little farewell party for the best of VWs offered on Forza Motorsport 6 following the sudden announcement from the producers that they will be missed out all the Aussie fun in the upcoming Forza Horizon 3 game due to reasons I don't really understand. The 20th century hits from the Volkswagen timeline, including the Beetle and the Sambabus, had the time of their life, only then the arrival of the hottest V-dubs of the 21st century came into view.

Now, with the hottest 21st Century V-Dubs came here to celebrate their epic farewell party round Bathurst, let's see what's what on the list.


The Golf IV R32, a hot hatch famed for having a V6 engine upfront, which sounds unorthodox for a VW hot hatch, but resulted to being the the top dog of the pack.

golf (2)

The Golf VI R, a hot hatch that balances high performance and fuel efficiency thanks to its smaller but powerful 2.0L TSi petrol engine.


The Scirocco R, the hot version of the revived Scirocco three-door sport coupe and was heavily inspired by the one that made a class victory at the legendary Nurburgring 24 Hour Race.

golf (2)

The Golf VII R, whereas most hot hatches in VW history come and go, this latest version is how you make this Golf the most powerful in the range and make it live up to the fullest.

Watching those VWs roaming around Mount Panorama is like a flock of birds flying together on sunset and it feels so beautiful to watch when I see those driving through a slice of Australia together. Feels like their time has come for the V-dubs to bow themselves...unless, before the V-dubs say goodbye to the Forza franchise, looks like the V-dubs wanted to see which V-dub is the best. I managed to lap round Bathurst in any of the VW offered in FM6 and here are the results;

VW Type 2 - 4:12.154
Beetle - 3:58.047
Scirocco S - 3:26.661
Rabbit GTi - 3:21.710
Scirocco 16v - 3:14.776
Golf II GTi - 3:09.770
Corrado - 2:56.635
Golf III GTi - 3:03.056
Golf IV R32 - 2:54.343
Golf VI R - 2:48.192
Scirocco R - 2:46.390
Golf VII R - 2:44.110

The Golf VII R, being the pinnacle of the Golf hot hatch realm, seems to be the best VW to drive in FM6 because of its improved performance and character and when it comes to choosing which VW I would drive for one last go before VW's big farewell to the Forza franchise, this could be it. The one and only. The fast Golf. Yep. That's the one I'll be having a final go on it.

golf (3)

Phew. Guess it's time to say goodbye to the VW family in the Forza franchise. When they first came in the first Forza Motorsport game a decade ago, fans can't get enough of their greatest hits such as the Golf and the Beetle but now, they're all gone for no reason. It's been a wild ride for all of us.

Goodbye, VW.

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