Thursday, September 8, 2016

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: The Longest Night in American History

It's already September and do you know what that means? Yes, you might think that Christmas is coming but no. American elections are REALLY coming and this ain't your ordinary election year in the United States of America but this is by no means the harshest election year in American history because it's going to be a battle between two influential presidentiables; one who is a former First Lady of the former American President who promises a greater change and make history as the most powerful woman in the world and the other is a wealthy businessman who will stop at nothing to turn the tables on American politics.

Yes, I said the harshest because these two have spent the rest of the year trading punches at each other while trying to win some support to the American citizens to the race to become the next POTUS who will replace Barack Obama, whose term ends this January. So, I don't need further explanations about how these two made it to their road to presidency but what furthers is what lies beneath the truth and ideals between those two. In the eyes of supporters of each camp, how does it feel to be one of them who is supporting their favorite presidential candidate?

In the eyes of a Republican supporter: Having an outsider like D_____ T____ in Washington is a great honor to have him challenging against the might of politicians in the Oval Office. Although he is well known for his real estate monopoly and as a famed celebrity in his own right, his powerful words is what made him the ideal person to become the most powerful man in the world. Whereas today's American government system is continue to erode over the years of the Obama administration, D______ T_____ can turn things around all in the name of his "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan. 

As the United States is losing its authority and global security thanks to NATO, the United Nations, and other organizations who see them as a big failure, T____ will reassure that he will keep the United States of America the top of the hierarchical pyramid, just like what all good Republicans do. Republican supporters are growing tired from the growing pains set by his rival H_______ C______ but they should remember, she has a lot of growing pains on her fate such as her e-mails, her health, her involvement in the foundation, everything that makes her one of the worst presidential candidates since past Democrats and she's been busy stealing so many Republicans that it feels like the whole government's been rigged, as stated by T____ himself. 

A handful of Republicans like him won't let a female Democrat like her to get to the top seat of the White House and if he wins, T____ will have all of the time in the world to unleash his master plan which involves the mass deportation of illegal immigrants, a complete shutdown of all Muslims, a quick destruction on ISIS, and everything else that will "make America great again", no matter the costs. As many politicians despise him of his rhetorics, a handful of his supporters will make sure that he will conquer what remains after the fall and reign as the most powerful leader of the world.

In the eyes of a Democratic supporter: Despite all of her wrongdoings in the past, supporters of H_____ C_____ will make sure that she will stay defiant, become the most powerful woman in the world, and cooperate with the world in order to stand the chance of ending the daily messes in their lives. Most of the ordinary citizens in America have feared that if D_____ T____ was elected president, it could mean the end of the world unless they take action to make sure that won't happen by cooperating with her fight to win the election. 

Because of T_____'s fearful rhetorics about banning Muslims, encourage nuclear weapons, cut taxes on the rich, building a wall against Mexican immigrants, and anything what he said today, some politicians, even Republicans, made a terrible mistake about nominating him as the Republican presidentiable and with that, they're having second thoughts about running him for president. That is not right. And what kind of a strongman who believes that "he alone can fix it" or "he knows about ISIS more than the other generals" in the first place? This is just plain wrong and why would he encourage countries like Japan and South Korea to have nuclear weapons? Don't they know that they have terrible risks waiting amongst them if they had one? 

Think about this; in an event of a very powerful quake like the one five years ago, Japan's stockpile of nukes may fall down and cause a nightmarish chain reaction that would spell the end of Japan as they know it. Then, if South Korea gets their own nukes, it WOULD mean an easy target for the North Koreans to wipe out the entire South Korea and become a subject to Kim Jong-un's terms. This terrible fate should not happen and Democrats shouldn't let T____ become the next US President because if he does, mankind will soon fall because of his selfish desires of ruling the world. 

They've all seen senseless nightmares through the moments and they cannot allow T_____ to win the elections. That's why they have H_______'s back when they need it because not only she is a key role model, she's a great example to families, jobs, foreign policy, national security, and the world. 

Considering her resume of all the good work she have done as a lawyer, a first lady, a New York politician, and secretary of state, her track record might just be key of winning the election but it's not going to be an easy task as her Republican enemy throws everything at his disposal to hinder her progress but because of her "Stronger Together" slogan, C______'s not alone because she's got plenty of people to back her up to overcome the challenges and the obstacles in order to win the election and become the first American female president in history. If she wins, she will shape the very foundation of this world to the future that everyone can believe in. A future of families reunited, jobs for all, education for all, healthcare for all, everything to continue Obama's legacy for a brighter future that they've been worked very hard on and they can't let their hard work go to waste, all because of her selfish enemy whose motivation is only hatred and fear.

My thoughts: It's going to be a rough fight for the two of them because as these two are reaching the last two months of their campaigning, not to mention the three debates happening for the two of them, it's hard to say which of these two will prevail but I will say this...this will be the most challenging election year yet because with all the crisis going on, it's difficult to determine the winner but because of all the feat and hatred that T_____ delivers to all Americans and all the problems C_____ had faced, it would be best to have these two kicked out in the race and make room for the unsung heroes (the third party candidates) to take the center stage with their clean records. However, if those two still really matters to the ordinary American citizens, it's their call. Like that certain Republican said in Ohio, you must vote with your conscience. No wonder he got booed for that one but given to this state of play, it feels like T_____'s conscience is dead and he's going haywire unless C_____ can stop his rhetoric madness and provocations he's throwing to the American public.

Oh yeah, I'll give you a little trick because there are some have that little spark of the old Top Gear fandom and to make things easier on the choice to become the next leader...

Not sure?

That explains it...

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