Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Let's Do The News! (September 6, 2016)

- On President Rodrigo Duterte's Laos visit for the ASEAN summit, he assured the Filipino community that his administration is stepping up efforts to fight illegal drugs and corruption and to reach a settlement with rebel groups in the Philippines. In there, he met up with the prime ministers of Singapore and Japan, and his harsh comments caught attention at the annual meeting. 

- However, US President Barack Obama cancels his meeting with Duterte, seeking distance from a US ally's leader during a diplomatic tour that puts Obama near an array of contentious world leaders as well as having Duterte's comments about Obama being an "S.O.B."

- The Malacanang officials declared a state of national emergency following lawless violence in Mindanao. President Duterte signed the proclamation before heading to Laos yesterday for the ASEAN summit. The proclamation comes following the deadly Davao bombing last weekend which killed 14 people and 67 others wounded.

- The two presidentiables are heading on a home stretch on the last two months of campaigning for the upcoming November elections as Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump landed on Ohio with each of their own campaign jet during Labor Day. It's going to be one serious business between those two.

- The European Space Agency says it has located the Philae comet lander, when it went missing after its historic landing on a comet two years ago. On November 2014, the Philae separated from the Rosetta probe and landed on Comet 67P, but several days ago, it was unable to receive enough sunlight to power its batteries and was virtually out of reach. With the Philae's whereabouts was confirmed, there's hope for more analyses to be sent from the lander during its operation two years ago.

- The brand new, seven-seater Land Rover Discovery will make its world debut at next month's Paris Motor Show.

- Following Sony's decision to delay the PS4-exclusive Gran Turismo Sport game to 2017, Sony temporarily stops digital pre-orders for this game until further notice. However, additional info will be revealed at this month's Tokyo Game Show.

- In Pokemon GO-related news, a Russian blogger jailed for playing the app game in church and charged with "enticing religious hatred" files appeal. Last month, the 21-year-old male reportedly posted a video showing him playing the game while at church. He was arrested for the "incitement to hatred and attacks on the liberty of faith". He was ordered to stayed in cells until November pending a trial. If found guilty, he will face a five-year imprisonment.

- Serena Williams overtook Roger Federer for the most number of Grand Slam victories in tennis history with her match wins recorded to 308.


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