Thursday, September 8, 2016

Let's Do The News! (September 8, 2016)

- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and US President Barack Obama finally met informally on Wednesday in a holding room before attending a gala dinner at the ASEAN summit. The brief meeting took a little sting out of the soured relations caused by Duterte's comments on Obama earlier this week, causing Obama to cancel a formal meeting. However, according to reports, Duterte skipped summit meetings Thursday of ASEAN leaders with their US and Indian counterparts in Laos due to migraine.

- Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte lost two of the triplets she was carrying. At the change of command ceremony at the Task Force Davao office at 1000 hours local time, Duterte-Carpio said she lost twins but luckily enough, the other one is still living. She suffered from exhaustion days after the deadly Davao bombing last Friday.

- Presidentiables Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump answered every questions from the veterans regarding their roles as commander-in-chief in the televised Commander-in-Chief Forum in New York, presented by NBC News.

- The British government says it will build a wall along a main highway to a northern French port facing the English Channel to stop the flow of migrants and refugees into Britain. Since the summer of last year, migrants and refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere have poured into the vicinity of the French port town of Calais and formed a camp. A support group says there are over 9,000 of them in the area.

- The 2016 Rio Paralympic Games have opened in Rio de Janeiro. The opening ceremony was held Wednesday evening at Maracana soccer stadium and over the course of this year's games, over 4,400 athletes from a multitude of nations, including a team of refugees, are taking part in 528 events in 22 sports.

- Apple unveiled the brand new iPhone 7 range as well as the brand new Apple Watch 2 at a special event in San Francisco. The new model ditches the traditional headphone jack, which sounds very controversial for this new one but they featured a new home button with force sensitivity, water-resistant, and dual-lens camera for the Plus. The Watch 2 now comes with GPS. These new models will be available on the 16th of September, 

iPhone 7
Apple Watch 2

- Sony unveiled a much slimmer PS4 slim and a more powerful PS4 Pro. Whereas the slim model will be the basic in the range, starting at $299, the new Pro features better CPU, better clock rate, 1TB HDD, and 4K and HDR support. It will carry the similar $399 pricing as if the PS4 was launched in the US about three years ago.

- Niantic Labs announced that the Pokemon GO Plus accessory will be available worldwide starting on September 16. In Japan, it will be priced at 3,500 Yen while in the US, it will cost $34.99.

- Mercedes-Benz envisions the future of autonomous commercial driving with their Vision Van Concept.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van Concept

- Although there's no more Kalyeserye on Eat Bulaga, today marks the 60th weeksary of AlDub.


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