Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 2001, 15 years later...

September 11, 2001...I'll never forget it...

It all started as an ordinary day back in downtown New York City, but hours later, terrorists hijacked four jet airliners filled with passengers. They crashed two planes into the World Trade Center in New York City, while a third plane hit a wing of the Pentagon, the American military HQ, in Washington D.C., and a fourth airplane crash landed somewhere near Pittsburgh. Over 3,000 people have died in that tragedy. Following the WTC incident, it is believed to be the work of the so-called al-Qaeda mastermind named Osama Bin Laden, who allegedly staged the attack on New York, although some reports say the terrorists behind the attack are Saudi-based but they are deeply connected to it.

Not taking any chances, then-President George W. Bush, a Republican who won the 2000 election against Democrat Al Gore with the most number of electoral votes following problems in electoral votes in Florida, declared war on terrorism but his so-called war against terrorism led the United States to nigh nowhere including the war on Afghanistan and Iraq two years later. It even gave birth to the Department of Homeland Security, which maintains national security by any means.

15 years had passed since the horrendous incident and it's been five years since the US troops killed Osama Bin Laden, the whole topic of "war on terror" has been around with us when we talked about global affairs. The terrorist organization Al-Qaeda may be decimated following Bin Laden's death but terrorism keeps on growing like a viral outbreak, thanks to the infamous Islamic State militants that caused havoc not just in the Middle East but also the rest in the world; including Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, name any city where terrorists staged attacks that were inspired by the Islamic State militants.

Islamophobia has been with us following the attacks caused by the terrorists who want to radicalize the Islamic religion for nefarious purposes and everybody likes to blame Islamic people for everything but in my mind, Islamic people are not the bad guys because these terrorists have unleashed attacks on Islamic nations too. Whatever that is, those infamous extremists really want this world to burn just to radicalize the Islamic religion and praise the Prophet Muhammad for nothing but slaughter.

A lot of good people, even soldiers fighting for their homeland, have died fighting against the harsh realities of terrorism. Even today, people like us are trying to brace the unpredictability terrorism thrown on us and how to deal with the aftermath. Right now, the pain we felt post-9/11, both physically, mentally, socially, psychologically, and politically, are still in our minds today and we are still very unsure what possible consequences will be facing on us if the world keeps on changing.

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