Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Kalyeserye farewell...presumably

Photo: Official EB Facebook

The Kalyeserye segment on Eat Bulaga has been one heck of a household name on every Filipinos' hearts and minds. It's not just the shindig viewers witnessed everyday, and it's not even the AlDub antics we all love, but it's about what the lolas up to, just to show what Kalyeserye's all about.

Now, here we are, at that very moment when Alden and Maine say goodbye to Lola Nidora and Tinidora. Before they gone through separate ways, they got succumbed to the fun from the internet videos featuring Maine and her male equivalent named Motoki.

Anyway, after their little funtime, the gang thorw the lolas a farewell party and after one heck of a farewell party, it's time. It's time that the lolas packed their bags and going abroad. Kinda sad to see them go but before the farewell, Lola Nidora has some last words to everyone before they said goodbye. "BABALA! We Shall Return!"

Guess this is goodbye to Kalyeserye as we know it but just like what Lola Nidora said, WE SHALL RETURN!

See you soon!

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