Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Tubig at Langis finale

In the final episode of ABS-CBN's intense afternoon drama, Tubig at Langis, the rivalry between Clara and Irene are getting worse and while Clara tries to finish Irene off in the very place where she and Natoy first met, Natoy finally arrives to put an end to this. 

With Natoy here, Clara plots to kill them both but all of her shots were missed because deep down, she still has feelings for Natoy and intends to kill herself to end their suffering. However, Natoy and Irene persuaded her to stop because she still has her child Nathan and with that, Clara finally surrendered and the nightmare's finished.

Six months later, Irene and Natoy finally renewed their vows and remarried. 

Things have finally came in peace after all the suffering they've faced so far and that concludes the story of Tubig at Langis.

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