Monday, September 12, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: North Korea rejects Obama's condemnation

Sourced from NHK World:

North Korea says it will proceed with its nuclear arms development by improving the quality and quantity of its stockpile.

A Foreign Ministry statement released on Sunday reacted sharply to Friday's condemnation of the test by US President Barack Obama.

Obama said the test posed a serious threat to the security of the region and to the peace and stability of the world.

The US president stressed that his government will increase sanctions against the North in cooperation with Japan and South Korea.

The North's statement said the ultimate aim of its nuclear program is to protect the nation's dignity and its right to existence from repeated US nuclear threats.

North Korea is expected to also reject a statement condemning the test issued by the UN Security Council on Friday.

The North is expected to maintain its hardline stance, while the international community tries to increase pressure on the country.

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