Wednesday, September 7, 2016

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: UNSC adopts statement to rap N.Korea

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted the statement and issued it on Tuesday after members discussed how to deal with North Korean in an emergency session that lasted about an hour. North Korea launched three missiles the previous day. The statement urges all UN member states to increase their efforts to implement sanctions against the Korean Peninsula.

Meanwhile, the US government is arranging a special envoy on North Korean issues to Japan and South Korea, following the latest North Korean missile launch. Multiple sources say US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Sung Kim will make the trip next week and he's expected to reaffirm cooperation among the three countries concerning the North's missile program, and discuss how to prevent further threats from the Korean Peninsula.

Then, the Japanese government is setting up a new emergency system to issue quicker and more comprehensive alerts about North Korean missile launches. The current systems, inform local governments of missile launches if they could affect Japan but it doesn't include warnings to ships and aircraft. The new system will alert ships and aircraft not only in Japan's territorial waters and airspace but also in the country's exclusive economic zone.

Source: NHK World

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