Thursday, September 1, 2016

Toyota Pixis Joy

Daihatsu's Cast range from last year features an eclectic mix of three versions to choose from such as the chic-friendly Style, the crossover Activa, and the hot hatch Sport. Now, Toyota decided to borrow the Cast range to be sold in all Toyota dealerships as the new Pixis Joy.

2017 Toyota Pixis Joy

The new Pixis Joy ranges from three different versions to choose from, just like the Cast range. There's the F as in fashion, C as in crossover, and S as in Sport. You should be familiar that the F is like the Cast Style, C for Cast Activa, and S for, you guessed it, Cast Sport.

For both the Pixis Joy C and F, is a choice of a KF-VE4 660cc engine that promises 30.0km/L of fuel economy and a KF-VET 660cc turbo engine with a fuel economy of up to 27.0km/L, all mated with a CVT gearbox and some fuel-efficient technology derived from most kei-cars in the lineup. Of course, you can opt in for a four-wheel drive variant when things get a little slippery. For the Pixis Joy S, ot still comes with a KF-VET 660cc turbo engine but because this is a sport-oriented model, even though it comes with a CVT gearbox, there are paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel for added control over its simulated gear changes. However, fuel consumption is around 24.8km/L.

Most Pixis Joy models come with the Smart Assist II consisting of Emergency Stop Signal system, Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Detection, and many other safety tech offered for these models.

The F starts at 1,414,800 Yen while the C starts at 1,517,400 Yen and the S starts at 1,620,000 Yen.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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