Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yume de Yozora wo Terashitai/Mijuku DREAMER

The Love Live! Sunshine!! TV series is almost nearing its climax as fans from around the world are nearing the end of how Aqours was formed from their hardships they've faced so far. While the climax of this hit TV series is drawing near on us, two insert songs heard from past episodes have arrived in this latest maxi single CD inspired from the hit TV series.

Yume de Yozora wo Terashitai/

In episode six of Love Live Sunshine, fans saw, Chika, Riko, You, Yoshiko, Ruby, and Hanamaru performing the song 夢で夜空を照らしたい while in episode nine, with the senior year gals Dia, Kanan, and Mari finally joining forces with the gang, the song 未熟DREAMER was performed at the end of that episode. These two new songs from Aqours are now yours to listen apart from your growing Aqours playlist and when you had the chance, these songs will be soon arriving in a future update of Love Live! School Idol Festival. Get your thumbs ready while you're at it.

Expect more songs inspired from the LLS TV show coming soon and before getting ready for the show's climax, best to know that you're more than welcome to be part of the Aqours fandom whenever, wherever, whatever.

01. 夢で夜空を照らしたい
03. 夢で夜空を照らしたい (Off Vocal)
04. 未熟DREAMER (Off Vocal)

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