Monday, October 24, 2016

20 Years of Pokemon: 20 YEARS OF POKEMON TCG

Whoa, we thought we let that one slipped by. Anyway, on the 20th of October, 1996, about eight months after the first Pokemon games were launched on the Game Boy in Japan, the Pokemon Trading Card Game was launched and became the hallmark of the strategic card games we know and loved today. The year 2016 marks 20 years since it went out the market and this is just one of the stuff to honor the franchise' 20th anniversary.

20 Years of Pokemon Trading Card Game

For over twenty years, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has been one of the best-loved strategy card game of all time and when it became part of the Pokemon World Championship rules apart from the normal Video Game Championships, the Trading Card Championships put the elitist of the TCG players to test their intellectual strategy to overcome different opponents and aiming for the top spot at rankings. From the long list of Pokemon cards, Trainer cards, and energy cards needed to use a Pokemon's move, strategy has been a vital aspect of the game as a well-rounded deck of cards decide the fate of the players and the difference between a win and a loss is measured on the deck of cards. Of course, even if you got your hands to a more powerful and ultra-rare Pokemon card in your arsenal, you'll still be beaten by a pack of basic cards if you don't get your strategy right.

Apart from the strategy, people who turned up in a well-prepared and well-sorted deck will never know what kind of opponents they'll be facing on the table or what fate will throw on them such as the case of a coin toss that has one in two chances of making you win or lose, but whichever they'll be facing with, the Pokemon Trading Card Game really is an unpredictable game for the unprepared but it sure is a lot of fun getting to know how to play the game from the very start. Winning or losing, it's about having fun while learning a few tricks they will use on their next battle and that's how the game works for you and I.

Happy 20th anniversary to the Pokemon Trading Card Game and here's for more to collect, trade, and win on your next battles.

In the meantime, enjoy the Pokemon TCG TV commercial that looks like it was aired two decades ago.

Pokemon Card Game Art

Oh yeah, be sure to check out the Pok√©mon Card Game Art Collection, available now. It's an artbook highlighting twenty years of illustrations featured on the cards as well as special interviews from the ones behind it. The artbook is available for 2,500 Yen plus tax at your nearest bookstores across Japan.

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