Saturday, October 8, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: The 6.5 million dollar waiting game

As classic car hunters know, this is a barn. And inside, there's a hidden gem that can be useful in their next races throughout the festival, but there's a catch; the barn find in question has a 6.5 million value and waiting for it to be restored during gameplay is a total nightmare! I thought it will took less than thirty minutes or so for a barn find to be restored but this one is different. The main reason why it took me several moments to wait for this hidden artifact to be restored like it was made is this...

Ladies and gents, this is the ultra-legendary Ferrari 166MM Barchetta. It isn't just more of being the first Ferrari to win Le Mans, it won the Mille Miglia and the Targa Florio as well as the Spa 24 Hours, making this one of the most successful racing machines in Ferrari's history. It was named by Motor Trend magazine as one of the ten greatest Ferraris of all time because of such success it made. It uses a 2.0L V12, which is kinda small by modern standards, which produces up to 140HP of power, not that powerful by modern standards. Although not as quick by modern standards, driving an ultra-rare, which is way more cooler than super-super-rare, barn find can be an awesome experience.

Finding a barn find is easy, but waiting for a barn find to be restored is a different experience and because of its 6.5 million value, taking a lot of time to be restored compared to the other barn finds, what else did I do in such spare time?

Apart from doing other stuff such as doing Bucket List challenges (because is nigh or never for Horizon festival "producers" like you and me), I spend some time finding some other barn finds before the 166MM is restored. So, what are some barn finds I discovered during the long timeline?

The Meyers Manx is an offroad buggy made by the dream of Bruce F. Meyers in California. Based on the chassis used for the Beetle, this unique offroader conquered dune racing and shattering records, spawning road-legal models until its demise due to tax problems after Bruce F. Meyers left. It's a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive and handling one of these requires accuracy because of its understeer issues.

The R32 Skyline GT-R has been one of the best JDM cars in history apart from western speedo boys called it "Godzilla" for some point but it sure is a fun car for a barn find like this. Looking for an ideal JDM tuner from the 90's? Try this, if you're lucky to find one.

The HQ Holden Belmont Sandman Panel Van isn't more than just a car, it's an all-rounder that is a hit not just for business use but for lifestylers during its time. Although it's a favorite among outdoorsmen, surfers, campers, whatever lifestyle hits their boat, the HQ-based Sandman was once rivaled by a panel-van variant of the Ford Falcon in its time but rivalry aside, those ute-based panel vans is just one way of showing how unique the Aussies make their cars. Believe it or not, you can change the Sandman's appearance from van look to ute look, making them mistaken there are two kinds of vehicles. Hmmm...

And finally, the Jaguar Mk. II, apart from being one of the forerunners of the British touring car history, it was once a favorite getaway car for felons. As a response, policemen get a dose of the action with this car. That's car culture for you.

So, after several barn finds later, the ultra-rare 166MM Barchetta's fully restored to its former glory and I had the honorary chance to try one of the most successful Ferraris in history. That was hardcore about the waiting period, huh?

Whew, glad I am part of this kind of experience. Speaking of which, I only got two barn finds left on the map. One that doesn't take a lot of time and the other...well, you guessed it. I need a break.

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