Sunday, October 23, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: Age before beauty, please.

I am now down to just one barn find left on my journey in Australia and the last barn find I discovered was none other than this...

It's the mythical Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta and because it's mythical, there were about four of these ever made by the hands of Pininfarina. It was heavily based on the Maserati A6 chassis that spawned different lineages such as the A6 1500, A6G 2000, A6GCM, and this. Under the request of Roman representative of Maserati, Giuglielmo Dei, Pininfarina was behind the handcraft of this car from the inside out, just because they don't want to mess up with Ferrari at that moment in time since Pininfarina was Ferrari's exclusive coachbuilder of choice.

It uses the twin overhead camshaft version of the 2.0L six-cylinder engine used in the A6GCM racing machine, producing 170HP of power. Apart from that, this machine is fitted with a tubular chassis, double wishbones, live rear axle, and large hydraulic drum brakes, among many others bolted to its mythical machine.

Anyway, no time to explain more because you wanna see how I managed to hunt down this fantastic beast, right?

Oh, and apologize for the switch of cars because I was just busy working on something while waiting for this mythical Maserati to be reborn for driving use. Speaking of which...

While waiting for the Maserati to be rebuilt for driving, I worked on with some of my favorite Aston Martins in-game, the V12 Vantage and the Vanquish.

Way when the V12 Vantage was launched years ago, I was very aware that it was just a V8 Vantage with four extra cylinders on it, to make it look and feel like it was part of the family. This is the hardcore version, the Vantage GT12, and finally, all the motorsport know-how that Aston Martin experienced has been applied to this hot V12 Vantage model and while this is basically a hardcore version, there's still bits of luxury a driver shouldn't care about.

Although the car is more powerful and slightly lighter than the normal V12 Vantage S, it can be somewhat slower in the straights because of that massive wing that can be somewhat distracting for an Aston but because it was inspired from its motorsport pedigree, the GT12 is an extreme track toy that shows its strength through the bends and corners with sharp instrumental skills and it takes the driver some time to unleash its full potential.

Being an exclusive car with a limited number of 100 units made and sold, I was more than happy enough to try out the Vantage GT12 by myself. In fact, I had a little quiet filming with this car even when themed after one of my favorite IDOLM@STER characters, Chihaya Kisaragi, as you can see up here. Nothing's better than having its V12 engine singing it loud to the great outdoors, huh?

The Aston Martin Vanquish has been around the road for four years now and despite its age, its position as the company's flagship grand tourer is still a sweet soiree to drive even if you're not fast enough to break its limits. I've been in love with this machine since I drove this one in the first Horizon game years ago and now, here I am, still standing on this beauty that is too beautiful to ignore.

Yes, it's too beautiful to ignore the Vanquish, but time is relative to me because I need to film these two Astons while waiting for the Maserati to be fixed for me to try it. With the GT12 themed after Chihaya and my Vanquish themed after Love Live Sunshine's Riko Sakurauchi, they're looking picture perfect on the events they'll be taking on and if I am going to idolize one of these, that will be my problem right now.

Anyway, time to roll the tapes!

After their shooting schedule's been cleared, the Maserati A6GCS is ready to be driven and I can't wait to see what it's like to drive in one of the most valuable vintage cars ever made.

So, with all the barn finds found throughout the journey, deciding which barn find is the best is no easy task because if you are in possession with 15 barn finds in the game, experimenting with different styles and behaviors can be a challenge and when you find which one is best for you, you'll have full responsibility while driving your personalized barn find of your choosing.

Man, I'm glad this whole treasure hunting gig for barn finds is well and truly over but I'm still not done tackling the whole map because my schedule's still full of what cars to drive, what paths to carve, and what rivals I'll be challenging at until I get the whole picture of how great this is.

The journey continues...

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