Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: Day off with a Subie

While I'm in a middle of a do-nothing day, I set off in a VAB Subaru STi to see how much fun this four-door sports saloon forged from Subaru's motorsport heritage in rallycross and endurance racing where it dominated the SP3T class of the NBR 24HR challenge. Nothing like taking a little time off with my favorite Subie on Australian roads while taking some time off from Horizon duties.

As I recall, the latest WRX STi is the high performance version of Subaru's WRX line, which is now based on the Levorg station wagon. The WRX line comes with two different versions; one is the comfort-purpose S4 with the 2.0L DIT engine with a CVT and this, the STi which comes with the same turbocharged EJ engine mated to a 6-speed manual. In Japan, just the two-liter is offered while world markets get the bigger 2.5L engine but either way, they produce almost the same, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, because the current STi is a high-performance variant of the WRX range and because it's civilized version of the WRX was called S4, not to be confused with the Audi S4, that rang me a perfect idea so I head back to the festival to do some brainstorming and then doing some stuff before hosting an event just for this beauty I lined up.

Okay, you got me, but my Subie's now themed after the elite honor students as seen from the Aikatsu Stars anime series, which are called, of course, the S4! S4?! Would I expect to put the S4 in the STi? That sounds a rather redundant joke but there are other things why I made this thing up from scratch. The first thing they might realized that they might mistook it for an ordinary WRX S4 that has been swapped with bits and bobs from the STi or perhaps a WRX STi that wants to be an S4 for no reason.

Enough about that but I'll give you a little secret. I had a cousin who used to own a fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro and because the fifth-gen Camaro has gone out of style with the introduction of the latest model, he traded in his Camaro with a brand new Subaru WRX and what kind of WRX he got? Nope, you're wrong because it's an S4...except for one bit; it has a manual gearbox that the Japanese version didn't had. Yep, world market WRXs come with either a CVT or a manual, which sounds unfair for the Japanese drivers.

Anyway, now that you got the idea, time to spice my Subie with the elite idol schoolgirls from Aikatsu Stars, which is the S4 by the way, by playing rough in an event made for Subies, by Subies.

Lights! Motor! Action!!!

Heck yeah! It pays to have a cousin driving a Subie, which is cooler than my grandma's friend who also drives a Subie except it isn't as cool as my cousin's. This is what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

Wait, where did I get that line before? Oh well...

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