Sunday, October 9, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: The Devil Z...sorta

As stoic JDM speedo boys believed, a first-generation Datsun Fairlady Z remains one of the most important forefathers of the JDM sportscar realm apart from the 2000GT from Toyota and the Cosmo from Mazda but apart from being one of the founding fathers of every speedo boys' favorite, it remains one of the unsung heroes of the seinen manga/anime genre when it became the star of the Wangan Midnight franchise as the Devil Z, the demon of the Wangan expressway that main character Akio Asakura braved enough to master this powerful machine. We always wanted the S30 Fairlady Z to look like the mythical demon of the Wangan Expressway, until now...

You have to thank this game's new "bodykit" feature because if you equip this car with the Rocket Bunny kit, you now have a Z that has a closer resemblance to the Devil Z. A dream come true, huh? But not quite yet because in order to become the Devil Z, apart from its looks, it has to behave like one, and that means giving it lots and lots of power but do it at your own risk because if you give it too much power, it's going to be very undrivable due to the nightmarish torque that plunge you through to an unavoidable wheelspin nightmare so you might want to balance on how fast it goes and how good to handle. I know, I tried making this one with a thousand horsepower output but that wheelspin's killing me badly so I tone it down a little.

My recreation of the Devil Z isn't much of a Devil Z I hoped for but it's one heck of an enjoyable ride if I had to take a little time off from my Festival duties, like, you know, street races. Let's see how much I can work on this recreation of a mythical Wangan legend. My Devil Z isn't ready yet.

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