Friday, October 21, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: Keeping the FD3S

Consider this the penultimate car to pink slip it because this is the third out of the four Midnight Battle cars to win if you can get through it. This here is an FD3S Mazda RX-7, one of the cult favorite tuners that speedo boys love to take it out not just for show but for the thrill of it. With the unique sound of its rotary engine, no one does it better than the iconic legend in the JDM street car realm speedo boys have cherished it ever since they play one on racing games of the past.

So, like to see how I got to this ride?

This is like a one-way admission ticket to one of the greatest JDM tuners a speedo boy would love and while this is plainly an all-show car that you can impress the crowd, the RX-7 is definitely an all-go car that loves to let loose its rotary revolution to the driver and because this is just one of the JDM sports cars coveted by speedo boys everywhere, there's no stopping to customizing it, even if it comes with a new Rocket Bunny kit to make it look more of a show-off rather than a car that loves to take it very seriously.

Sure, the Rocket Bunny aerokit for the FD3S RX-7 looks cool but I'll be sticking with some normal aero parts because they look very stylish that way and for me, I want to find something that inspires me to drive this machine.

Like talking on a spirit medium after a rough day's work, I've channeled my inner Tokyo driver by letting the RX-7 behave like... one of the formidable foes in the world of Shutokou Battle, specifically the White Charisma, this time the one you saw on Shutokou Battle X (Import Tuner Challenge). Speaking of which, I bought this design by someone who really pays tribute to the defunct racing franchise and this will be a hard time talking about this to the customs. He he he...

So, let's see how much magic this White Charisma will woo me out for a night out on the road...

That was a rough one but I managed to win one anyway. So, with three out of four Midnight Battle cars owned, the road to getting the last Midnight Batter is nigh for me and while I'm taking my day off from my festival duties, I'm going to tear down every street around Down Under until the last Midnight Battle car is mine for the taking.

For now, I have to give thanks to the fan who summoned the White Charisma car for me.

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