Friday, October 14, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: My #Forzathon toy!

See this S14 Silvia here? I won this from a one-day only Forzathon challenge in Forza Horizon 3. To those who know what Forzathon is, its a series of challenges offered through the week. Last week involves set of comedy horns, which packs a joke of a honk when you honk at your nearest driver. Now, they've offered this special car by doing this particular challenge like this:

"Score 35,000 points in a Drift Zone with the Toyota Trueno to win the Nissan Silvia K's 94"

I know it had to be any drift zone, be it a completed one or not, but if anyone can get to the target drift score set for this Forzathon challenge with the specific car, anyone can get this S14 Silvia for keeps and like you and I, we got the keys to the S14 Silvia, one of the most popular drift cars for speedo boys elsewhere. If you missed it, there is a chance it will appear on future events.


Speedo boys will happily notice that the S14 Nissan Silvia is just one of the selected few to come with bodykits and the bodykit offered is a Rocket Bunny kit, which makes it less discreet but with some stance to woo the speedo boys elsewhere. Ah, speedo boys. They sure love to meddle with their cars not just by looks but the way it drives and because the S14 Silvia is a popular drifting machine for the speedo boys, they can turn theirs into a freak show by giving it lots and lots of power and turn its handling unnecessarily out of control. Sounds dangerous but that's the way they want to do with their newly acquired Forzathon prize.

Excuse me while I'm taking a little time out with my new toy...

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