Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: A Wooden Opportunity

I only have two barn finds left two find and I've been given two choices; one that won't take me a lot of time to wait but can be downright slow or the other that is a gorgeous keeper to drive but takes a lot of time to wait before it's restored. Truth be told, I've gone for the first choice.

Care to see what that is? Let's find out...


That super rare barn find in question is a Ford Super Deluxe, one of the post-WWII Fords ever made in history and this one's woody in terms of appearance. If by woody, it IS woody just by looking the wooden sides that makes it very unique for a vintage post-war car in America. Historians told that this is known to be the last of the all-wood bodied cars before the steel transition at the end of the 1940's and although as extinct as the dinosaurs from prehistoric times, this fossil unearthed from the barn is a clear reminder why we love cars as much as our grandparents do in their time.

Although it is a slow car, with only 90 horses produced on a big V8 engine, it's a car worthy to take on an adventure if you have a free time away from your festival duties, All it needs now is to play yourself a nice song from your grandma's music collection to soothe yourselves but not so much.

Having enjoyed myself driving the classic woody wagon, I spent some extra time at the festival driving one of these bad boys I mentioned here.


See this Willys Jeep I drove? I made it to look like what an owner-type jeep behaves, only this time in offroader duties, just like old times huh? Driving a war machine used for American troops during the second world war and reemerged into a commoners' favorite that takes on all shapes and sizes.

As I recalled, this machine originated the Jeep name although there are some puzzles about the origin of the Jeep word via this car, although it was claimed from the slurring of the letters GP, the military term for General Purpose while others say it came for a character named "Eugene the Jeep" from the Popeye cartoon strip.

With driving now, explaination later, I took this little owner-type jeep I made myself for a spin round a rainforest on a misty day to see how adventurous and thrilling a classic jeep can be. Things get a little muddy out here...

Man, I love a good adventure driving post-war classics out in the Australian open roads and while I'm having a blast driving these American post-war classics, I still have some unfinished business to do because the journey continues...

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