Saturday, October 29, 2016

Inferno (The Da Vinci Code)

It's been 10 long years when award-winning director Ron Howard gave us the movie adaptation of the bestselling Dan Brown novel that sparked a worldwide phenomenon not just for readers but for the conspiracy theorists, The Da Vinci Code. Three years later, the sequel Angels and Demons (which is the first book of The Da Vinci Code saga) was launched and the first two films sees symbologist Robert Langdon crisscrossed round the world in search for the world's greatest mysteries while averting a global threat. Now, the latest chapter of The Da Vinci Code is here and it's going to be a thriller as the film progresses. As one passage of The Divine Comedy said "abandon hope all ye who enter here."


Inferno, the latest chapter of The Da Vinci Code saga, sees Langdon (reprised by actor Tom Hanks) awakened from the hospital, recalling nothing of the last 36 hours, including how he got there...or the origin of a macabre object that his doctors found from his belongings. Having found himself in the depths of Florence, Italy, Langdon is joined by Sienna Brooks to uncover secret codes written by a rogue scientist, who has a strong obsession to Dante's Divine Comedy. Racing against time, the unlikely duo ventured through Florence's historical landmarks to uncover hidden paths and ancient secrets as well as a shocking pattern that could endanger all of mankind.

Those who managed to survive reading the book from the start to finish will know that the latest movie is definitely not for the faint at heart because sticking true to the past installments, Inferno is just more of an adventure that focuses on the colorful backdrop of Italian culture but it is worthy of being a powerful thriller that can shock anyone with unpredictable twists and turns this film possess as much as the main character uncovers the hidden truth that could change the world forever.

It can be downright scary because of the ominous patterns that will reveal everything we know from science, faith, literature, and culture just like the past installments but for the bold, Inferno is a no-frills masterpiece that sticks true to Dan Brown tradition. With the collaboration of Dan Brown and Ron Howard a fruit of truth and ideals, this world-changing movie will keep changing the world we know just like how The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons did.

Good luck watching that and be warned; "Full soon shalt thou be where Thine eye shall answer make to thee of this, Seeing the cause which raineth down the blast."

My rating: 4.3 out of 5

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