Saturday, October 15, 2016



This is Sony's foray to the future of virtual reality gaming at the comfort of everyone's home and this will be the hallmark to the history of video gaming as far as anyone can see to it. Welcome everyone to the brand new PlayStation VR, which is basically a PS4-compatible hardware that requires complex installation that will take hours to set it up from scratch.

If by complex, care to read the instruction manual first? If you read it completely, you will see how much do you need to connect this new thing to your PS4. For a gaming system with a starting price of 44,980 Yen plus tax, perhaps you're going to need more because to deliver the best experience out of the PSVR, you'll gonna need a PlayStation Camera and a PlayStation Move accessory to deliver the best out of the PS VR because there are some games that require those kind of mechanism. That's gonna cost you your monthly payday from work, if you know what I mean?

Sure, I don't want to make this long but for starters, here's how to use it. Inside, there's a Processor Unit, USB Cable, AC adaptor, stereo headphones, HDMI cable, AC power cord, VR Headset connection cable, the PS Camera (if you bought the bundle for 49,980 Yen plus tax), and the PS VR. Of course, the PS Camera is required to do so and to attach the PS VR on your PS4, first disconnect the HDMI cable from the PS4 connected on the TV (HD or 4K preferably) to the Processor Unit. Then, attach the HDMI to both the PS4 and the processor unit. Next, attach the USB cable in one end to the PS4 and the other end to the Processor Unit. Connect the AC power cord to the AC adapter for the Processor Unit. The VR Headset Connection Cable should be attached to the front of the processor unit and make sure all symbols are aligned to each connection. Then, attach the headphones to the jack of the inline remote from the VR headset connection cable.

Having solved the complex budget and installation conundrum, what's it like to be in the stepping stone of video game history that sets the benchmark of virtual reality that started with the Oculus Rift? Playing alongside with normal PS4 games you had in your collection, the PS VR is a great way to keep yourself busy and distracted from the busy day ahead but in games that require the PS VR, this is serious stuff as you're going to need to be claustro-avoidant so no one will bother your experience. Oh yeah, since your ears are on the headphone while your eyes are connected to your PS VR, be sure to play moderately and responsively because the next time your mom and dad call you out, you won't even listen to a word they're saying. Piece of advice here.

At launch, the PlayStation VR offers you some good games that can unleash the true potential of its VR capabilities such as Summer Lesson, THUMPER, The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution, and Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary Edition, In the coming moments, more games are coming such as Driveclub VR, Tsumiki BLOQ VR, Eagle Flight, Biohazard 7 resident evil, and more. There's so much games you can try out but if you're not even bothered to try out any normal PS4 games or watch a movie while wearing the VR, feel free to engage the VR's Cinematic Mode.

So, the PlayStation VR maybe costly to own and more complexing to install without the PS Camera but with such experience, you will be hooked to your PlayStation 4 even more, and more, and more until your parents leave you in the dark because you didn't listen on what they're saying. Good luck with your new PS VR!

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