Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Kalyeserye Wedding

After a whole year of witnessing their split-screen escapades with none other than the world famous AlDub, they finally got the happily ever after they deserved as the most awaited wedding even on live television, which is the Kalyeserye wedding of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, became successful, only just.

Long before the wedding starts, everyone's just wondering that which one that will "not happen" as mentioned yesterday and it turned out to be a "honeymoon" at a foreign country but some rearrangements have been made so their honeymoon would take place somewhere else and that sounds like a relief.

With every principal sponsors in place, with a special participation from veteran actress Helen Gamboa and news reporter Mike Enriquez,  this wedding became one heck of a historical event for the AlDub Nations everywhere who witnessed the big event. Just when we thought that Lola Nidora stopped Maine in the middle of the "kiss" part, we thought it's going to be ended on a "to be continued" note but that's just a minor setback for Lola Nidora and everything goes as planned. With everything's normal after that, AlDub got kissed! It's the kiss seen round the world!

Watch the whole story unfold:

Well, that was some kind of a predicament happening here but still, the wedding is a success, spectacularly, and massive congratulations to AlDub for their historic wedding as seen on TV.

Best wishes, Alden & Yaya Dub!

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