Sunday, October 9, 2016

This is the last Australian Ford ever made

Photo: Ford Australia
It's a sad moment in the history of Australian motoring as after over nine decades of producing cars for the Australian motorists, including homegrown favorites such as the Falcon, the Territory, and the high-performance FPV range, Ford signalled the end of producing cars in Australia as the last car they ever made, a blue Ford Falcon XR6 saloon, was rolled off the assembly line at its Broadmeadows plant on Friday. Last July, the last ute they ever made, a Falcon Ute, rolled off the line.

The decision for Ford to cease their Australian production will result to a loss of 600 jobs at the very plant where the Falcon was made for 56 years and 3.5 million units. Ford will continue to import vehicles in Australia while local engineers will contribute to development of the models sold there.

On a similar note, GM's Holden ended production of their Cruze Hatchback as well. Of course, Toyota and General Motors will end their production in the Land Down Under next year and when it does, it will officially be the end of Australian car production as they knew it.

Are there any Australian-made Fords will you miss?

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