Wednesday, November 2, 2016

1, 2, Sing for You!/So Beautiful Story/STARJET!

1, 2, Sing for You!/So Beautiful Story/STARJET!

The latest single of the hit TV series, Aikatsu Stars, has arrived and in this single, there are three new songs you can listen to not just for the little kids in your family but for the hardcore Aikatsu fans everywhere.

Well, there are two songs heard from the TV show while the third one is a brand-new, never before heard Aikatsu Stars track exclusive to this maxi single album. In here, there's the latest Aikatsu Stars opening theme song titled "1,2, Sing for You!", which sounds very nice, and the second one is the latest closing theme that will put some mellow to their earbuds after a long day, titled "So Beautiful Story". The new song added in the single "STARJET!" is, like I said, a never before heard song new to this so feel free to listen to all three tracks in the latest single.

Anyway, those who got lucky enough to get a limited edition will score a special card for use in the DATA CARDDASS Aikatsu Stars arcade game so if you got your hands on those, feel free to use these special coordinates while continuing to rack up the points in the game.

Keep watching Aikatsu Stars every Thursday nights on TV Tokyo!


01 1, 2, Sing for You!
02 So Beautiful Story
03 スタージェット!
04 1, 2, Sing for You! (off vocal)
05 So Beautiful Story (off vocal)
06 スタージェット! (off vocal)

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