Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bubble Gang 21 Gang Salute

GMA's longest-running comedy gag show, Bubble Gang, celebrated its 21st anniversary, and to commemorate their very milestone, the November 25, 2016 episode is a special episode where cast members from the past and present come together and reunited, not to mentioned very special guest appearances, to give their show a "21 gang salute". Ha ha ha ha ha, get it? 21 Gang Salute! In front of the live audience!

By giving Bubble Gang a "21 Gang Salute", members of the past and present are honoring this occasion by doing musical performances, dance numbers, skirmish gags, Istambay Sa Looban, drum and lyre performance, mannequin challenge, Jungle Belles, Antonietta, Buhay Ng Bakla, and a musical performance, not to mention paying tribute to the Philippines' legendary comedians in history.

But the fun never stop there because next week, it's part two of their 21 Gang Salute where there will be more fun and more tribute only on the Philippines' longest running comedy gag show in history, Bubble Gang!

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