Tuesday, November 1, 2016

F1 2016: Mexican GP

Photo: Associated Press

The Mexican Grand Prix of the 2016 Formula One season is a cyclone of calamity from start to finish, as demonstrated by those disastrous crashes that turned race day into a complete nightmare, although there are some drivers managed to brave through the horrific nightmare just to survive themselves all the way to the end of the race.

At the end of this piled rubble of mess, only a handful of drivers made it to the finish line and thanks to the recent win for Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, the gap between him and Nico Rosberg has been narrowed to just 19 points in the fight for the driver's championship, although a 1-2 finish would mean that they can keep on fighting until the winner is decided.

For third-placer Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, his day's never going to end as a recent radio conversation that made Max Verstappen's move upset him. Right now, Verstappen's been penalized for a move he made on Vettel.

The next race will be on Brazil on the 13th of November.

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