Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Ask anyone what is the most anticipated game of 2016 and it might look something like this; FINAL FANTASY XV. It's the long awaited installment of the greatest Japanese role-playing games in history, featuring a brand new storyline even those who are new to the franchise are more than welcome to be part of this new installment made for the new generation of gaming consoles as well as new ways to play.



Those who had this game don't really think they're going to play this game because to them, this game is perfection and no matter how great this new installment is, there's got to be a disappointment so what they're going to do now is leave it unplayed but 38 seconds later, they're not so sorry at all! They have no willpower whatsoever because the way FFXV acts is great, sparking with energy, and vivid. You can spend a lot of days or months to finish this installment and this is bad news because the gameplay is very addictive.

In this new installment, players delve into the story of Prince Noctis from the Kingdom of Lucis as he embarks on an epic grand tour with his companions Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis in the Regalia, a car belonged to his father, King Regis. On his commitment, the Kingdom of Lucis has been attacked by the Niflheim Empire and he receives reports that he, King Regis, and Luna are presumed dead from the attack. Not taking any chances, Noctis and his brotherhood must travel through distant places in the world of Eos to uncover the truth and save the Kingdom of Lucis once and for all.

When others say that this new installment is downright addictive, that's because it's now open world. Sure, there are some main quests that needs to be done for story purposes, but the beauty of the open world gaming is that you can explore the vast world of Eos as far as the eye can see. You can either travel by foot or cruise through the open roads with the Regalia. You can even upgrade the Regalia not just in terms of performance but by looks as well as you progress throughout the game. There are other ways to travel through the world of Eos by all means necessary and how you'll live it up is up to you and because this game has a day-and-night basis, it's important to look before you leap because you never know what sorts of surprises or threats in store by the hour.

The combat system in FFXV has been heavily revised and while Noctis is the only playable character in the game, you can have four equipment slots for weapons, shields, and magic (which is one of the key elements in battling enemies), meaning you can change your battle techniques using these equipment slots. Although you can only play as Noctis, teamwork is especially important in battle strategies as you can call on either Prompto, Gladio, or Ignis, to use their abilities to support you or unleash all-out attacks together. There are different ways how weapons and magic affect the outcome of the battle as having the right combination of magic and the right weapon classes for the job might just give you an edge against tougher enemies later on.

Be warned though that after battles, you can't level up quickly just because you got XP and all you have to do is to camp either in the wild at specific areas or stay for the night in inns because once you died before doing so, you'll lose all XP. It sounds like a risky gamble but those who are not afraid of risks are always up to a challenge.

You can also take on different activities for a chance to gain AP to level up your characters as well. You can either fish with Noctis, cook with Ignis, photography with Prompto, or survival instincts with Gladio but be advised that those AP is made for all four characters so you'll gonna have to share.

If you get things right in the world of FFXV, this game is very rewarding and while you're not focused on the main quests or finished it, you're free to go around the world and do everything you want just for the name of overall completion.

So, you're asking everyone that you like this game, but there are some problems. Firstly and ridiculously, it's playable by one player only. Come on, producers, let's sort this out. And another problem regarding FFXV is the price. The PS4 version starts at 8,800 Yen plus tax and same goes for the XBOX One version.

There is another more pressing problem regarding FFXV and it's the limited edition variants offered. The DELUXE EDITION, priced at 12,960 Yen plus tax, comes with a special steelcase, the game itself, and a Blu-ray disc of KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XV film. Lastly, there's the ULTIMATE COLLECTOR'S EDITION, which features the same as the DELUXE EDITION but comes with the BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV anime blu-ray, special blu-ray soundtrack disc, art book, a bonus disc featuring behind the scenes clips in the making of KINGSGLAIVE movie, and a special Play Arts Kai figure of Noctis.

FINAL FANTASY XV is about giving gameplay back to the player and while it relies on them to do some decisions that can affect the outcome of this game. There's some loopholes around with this game though but that's okay because the game needs players like you to be a good player and there's nowhere to hide. Then you'll go "Okay, what's next?" and fans like that. FFXV is all about back to basics, a time where RPGs are meant to be played by yourself but the way it performs makes us feel connected and alive and before you know it, this is perfection.

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