Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: The last Midnight Battle car

Here it is! This is the fourth and the last Midnight Battle car to win in Forza Horizon 3 and by the looks of it, it's a powerful hypercar known as the Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV. Before explaining what's what, care to see how I got this Italian steel into the fray?

Known to be the last Murcielago ever made before being replaced by the Aventador, the LP670-4 SV's 670HP 6.5L V12 engine sounds as glorious as it were five decades ago since the Miura and by unleashing the roar of its ancient V12 engine, you can really go fast on a straight line like a bloodhound and because it has four-wheel drive, the Murcielago SV can really brave through any weather it see fit, although by Horizon standards, it can be a lot tricky to pull one off on problematic road conditions but you'll be a lot fine learning to drive an all-weather hypercar that knows how to break its limits.

Speaking of which, the Lamborghini Murcielago SV is just one of the selected cars on Forza Horizon 3 to have upgrade presets on it and what I found here that it comes with a special Liberty Walk body kit made specifically for a Murcielago like this one. With all that shouty exterior design combined with the feral power output equivalent of an ultra hard difficulty setting on a rhythm game you often played, I might imagine that I am having a hard time handling this car but since this is a four-wheel drive car, feels like it's becoming "piece of cake" than "come get some." Know what I mean?

Anyway, to celebrate my completion of all four Midnight Battles from all corners of the Down Under, I've arrange a special championship made for them. Turns out, even though it's invited for those who are unlocked after winning Midnight Battles, only the E36 M3 and the Murcielago SV got the memo. Anyway, time to roll the camera because this is going to be their moment to shine. Roll the tape!

Well, that was a climactic way to finish all the street races throughout the Land Down Under and put them to good use on festival routes with a little imagination. Speaking of which, while I'm pulling this one off, looks like I got my spot at the Final Showcase and oh no! I forgot to tape the whole finale! Oh well, it was just a showcase event, anyway. Who knew that the finale is not just a final race but rather a showcase event involving a Polaris RZR XP against a blimp? But it was just too awesome to miss an event that I won and not to record it.

Don't worry because to fill this thing in, I will come up with a compilation of showcase events to show how much I worked hard for to bring Horizon Australia on the spotlight. While I'm working on it, I am very honored to see how much manpower I spent driving the best cars throughout this career and while winter really is coming, feels like my work here is never done because there are so much on the list to check, cars to drive, roads to explore, and challenges to complete.

Even though the finale has accomplished spectacularly, this festival will go on without pause until the last event has been played.

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