Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: Ready Go, FR.

We already got our hands on the S14 Nissan Silvia as an event car back at last month's Forzathon event but the S14 we got was a "Zenki" S14 Silvia and fans from around the world demanded a late-model S14 Silvia, referred to as a "Kouki" S14 Silvia to be here in Horizon 3. They've been demanding this ride since the birth of the Forza franchise a decade ago and at long last, it's here and its ready to shred some tires.

The "Kouki" S14 Silvia, from Forza Horizon 3's Alpinestars Car Pack, is by no means one of the most demanded rides in the history of Forza and now that's finally here, fans can't wait to try out a car that remains a hit among speedo boys worldwide for its drifting reputation and its Frankenstein tuning that no one saw it coming.

Let me give you a quick story about how those Frankenstein creations to their JDM sportscars became a speedo boys' trend. You see a long time ago, speedo boys from Japan created a machine called a "Sileighty" which is an 180SX with a Silvia's front end on it. Thanks to the Sileighty, speedo boys from across the world are doing that kind of stuff and the S14 is no exception. If you went to a drifting competition a long time ago, you may have encounter an S14 with an S15's front face on it, which is a mashup between two different generations no one can tell the difference between those two, and what you see is a fine example of how speedo boys doing Frankenstein stuff on their sportscars not just for show but for their "bravado" manner as speedo boys who are good at drifting with their Asian sportscars.

For further explanation about how the S14 "Kouki" Silvia became a hit among speedo boys who can bend it like Frankenstein, there is a special Rocket Bunny "Boss" kit offered on this S14 Kouki and with this kind of body kit, the S14 Kouki's front face looks similar to American muscle cars while delivering a stance with a capital S. That will be enough to appeal speedo boys who love to drive the best 90's Japanese sports cars in history. You can thank Rocket Bunny's Miura-san for that later but for now, I'm off to some shooting with this car and it's time for the S14 Kouki with the Rocket Bunny Boss kit to do some action!

Ready Go, FR.

So, there you are. If you got an S14 Zenki Silvia from a special event and if you're unhappy with it, look no further than driving the S14 Kouki Silvia Down Under. The differences between them can be slight but as you keep enjoying with these two, you will know the real deal. If you like both the S14 Silvias, feel free to drive different Asian sportscars offered in-game and how you live it up to their reputations is up to you.

Until then, sayonara!

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