Monday, November 14, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: Showcase Me!

Ah, showcase events. The hallmark of every Horizon Festival masterpiece that traces back since the original Horizon in Colorado. It's about advanced challenges where one car versus a different kind of transportation be it by land, air, and sea, and here in Forza Horizon 3, this is like taking on a boss battle of some sorts.

In the beginning, you're driving The Cholla against a helicopter carrying an old Jeep, and as you gain more and more fans, you will be able to take on another showcase event after another. There are five showcase events occurred Down Under and since I already mentioned the first one, the next one involves a Camaro Z/28 versus a steam locomotive, a Trophy Truck versus jetskis, a Lamborghni Centenario versus a VTOL jump jet, and the final showcase involves a Polaris RZR up against a blimp.

I already cleared all of the events, although I forgot to film the whole action by myself. So what I'm doing now is to redo most of the events and film it so I can make myself a compilation of all five showcase events, which are indefinite proof that I am running the best festival ever.

Ready to check out my greatest hits? Roll the VTR!

Ah, clearing the final showcase in the game. I know that this may sound like a happy ending for me but I'm not done yet because while I already cleared the big finale, there are still roads to travel, cars to drive, people to meet, challenges to take on, and so on. Man, everything around Down Under really brings out the many personalities of me and with so much things to do in so little time, I feel like I am not resting down my laurels and keep moving forward to keep this show going on as long as I like.

For now, I would like to keep duck, dodge, push, and shove for more because things are about to get LOUD. So, whaddya say? Ready to hit the trail some more?

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