Tuesday, November 29, 2016

KanColle - Fleet Girls Collection Movie Sequence

For three years when it launched by DMM and Kadokawa Games as a browser game in 2013, Kantai Collection (KanColle for short) has been the time-wasting activity of the day for otakus in Japan, collecting a fleet of ships antromorphonized as cute anime girls and upgrade them to dispatch through numerous missions to wipe out enemy fleet from unknown forces, as if the enemies are trying to retrograding world history for some evil purposes. Nevertheless, due to its massive success of the game, KanColle has expanded through numerous merchandises, an arcade game, a PSVita game, and for some intentional purposes, an anime series aired last January 2015. Seeing that there are some spark to KanColle fans who missed last year's anime series, it became an opportunity to launch the first ever KanColle movie, which some say it's going to be the definitive KanColle experience for the whole fans new and familiar alike.

So, how's this KanColle movie, why they made a movie from a popular ship-raising franchise from the internet? Glad you asked because this film is set moments after last year's anime, uncovering hidden truths behind our favorite fleet girls. In this film, Fubuki and the fleet are dispatched to the Guadalcanal and during their lengthy battle against the Abyssal Fleet, a strange phenomena surrounded through the seas and later extracted the ship that was once sank in the beginning of the TV anime series, named Kisaragi. That extraction of the ship that was presumed dead reveals everything the viewers never know about the characters and it's a cold one.

With the storyline as cold as the Cold War, this movie really is a thriller full of plot twists no one could predicted, in fact there are some theories that need to prove while watching this film because while the KanColle film is full of sunken secrets set to be unearthened as it progress, anyone who are ready to witness it is a daring challenge because once this film ends, the fans will have a lot of questioning to do about what just happened in the film, but still, despite the grim turn of evens occurred, the fans are very happy to see the dream of a KanColle film come true...but only in a certain way. Thanks to the film, the KanColle franchise will continue to expand, altering its perception, strengthening perpetually, until the day comes where it can be forgotten in our hearts and minds.

My rating: 3.4 out of 5.

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