Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Sun & Moon Super Music Complete

Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Sun & Moon Super Music Complete

The highly anticipated installment of the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Sun and Moon, has arrived since last week and in this new installment, players emerge through the tropical Alola region where they can catch, trade, and battle new Pokémon around the region, pass through trials, avert a major threat, and become the island challenge champion. I'm sure most of the folks already done that less than a week or so. To commemorate the launch of the latest installment, a four-disc original soundtrack based on the latest Pokémon installment has arrived and fans can't hardly wait to listen to the background music as heard from the Pokémon Sun and Moon games.

From Melemele to Poni Island, from the Team Skull territory of Po Town to the Aether Paradise, all the way to the summit of Mount Lanakila, this four-disc compilation features background music handcrafted by the GAME FREAK sound team so fans can listen to the sounds of Alola as heard throughout the game. Apart from that, they've even added special tracks, including those as heard from the official Pokémon Sun and Moon Z-Ring toy from Takara Tomy.

Apart from this four-disc mega compilation of background musics and sounds heard from the Alola Region and more, it comes with a 32-page booklet that will give you a behind-the-scenes look in the making of the sounds of the Alola Region as well as honoring 20 years of Pokémon.

Nothing says Alola than having this four-disc compilation at your own living room because with Pokémon Sun and Moon became a huge success since launch day, it's another way to give thanks to Pokémon's 20 year celebration.

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