Friday, November 11, 2016

PriPara: Mezameyo! Megami no Dress Design

Kids, there's a brand new PriPara game in town and the latest installment based on the hit TV series delivers more ways to enjoy your PriPara experience at home or anywhere while taking advantage of its connectivity to the PriPara arcade game to get your very own tickets to collect and share with your friends.

PriPara: Mezameyo! Megami no Dress Design

The latest PriPara game, based on the hit TV series, PriPara: Mezameyo! Megami no Dress Design introduces new ways to play the game including the brand new Dress Design feature, as demonstrated from the latest episode of the show. In this game, you can indulge into its original storyline or getting to know your favorite trio groups from the TV series with a series of campaigns to choose from; SoLaMi Smile (Laala Manaka, Mirei Minami, and Sophy Hojo), Dressing Pafe (Sion Todo, Dorothy West, and Reona West), Gaarmageddon (Aroma Kurosu, Mikan Shiratama, and Gaaruru), Tricolore (Hibiki Shikyouin, Fuwari Midorikaze, and Falulu), TRIANGLE (Kanon, Pinon, and Junon) and the brand new trio Non Sugar (Non Manaka, Chiri Tsukikawa, and Pepper Taiyou).

Or, if you want to be part of the PriPara fun, you can create your own character. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from such as hairstyles, hair colors, eye colors, skin colors, eyewear and more. You can also use hairstyles inspired from your favorite characters for some uniqueness 

Now, let's talk about the brand new "Dress Design" feature. As seen on the latest PriPara episode, the new Dress Design feature allows players to customize their coordinates. Select a costume, select a color, select an accessory, represent a brand, and voila! You got your very own outfit designed by you!

In classic PriPara arcade-style gameplay, you can master up to thirty hit PriPara songs as well as new songs made specifically for this game. From the member appeal, dance, making drama, and the Cyalume Change phase, how you'll clear these phases on the songs is a difference between a hit and a miss and when you cleared a song by any means necessary, you'll earn coins to spend for items and likes. The bigger the likes, the better the ranking.. If you did very well, you can take on the Kami Idol Challenge to score more powerful outfits for your idols. Think you got what it takes to become the best among the rest?

Because this PriPara game features a special connectivity feature with the PriPara arcade game, you can access special features by linking your PriPara 3DS game to the PriPara arcade game. You can even print your very own tickets that you made from the 3DS game as well so you can collect or share with your friends. Parental supervision required.

For the ultimate PriPara fan, there is a limited edition Gorgeous Pack available for those who pre-ordered it for 7,800 Yen. Not only the game was inside, but also a special Laala Manaka figure, Kami Jewel 3 Cosette Team Tricolor set, and five special tickets featuring Laala and Jewlie.

With the brand new "dress design" feature and more ways to enjoy PriPara at the comfort of your living room or anywhere else as well as connectivity with the arcade game, this latest PriPara game is the definite experience for the little girls who just can't get enough of the PriPara craze. So, ready to go to Prism Stone and have the best PriPara day whenever you like? Laala and the gang's waiting for your call!

PriPara airs every Tuesday nights on TV Tokyo.

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