Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Grand Tour Episode 2

The Grand Tour Episode 2

In the second episode of Amazon's original car show, The Grand Tour; the trio are becoming like action stars in a cheap action movie by going through a military training complex somewhere in Jordan and see what the action is all about; conducting a training exercise involving rescuing a VIP from a hijacked plane and escort the VIP to safety while being pursued by terrorists. After several attempts later, the boys cleared the exercise...only if they didn't count Jeremy Clarkson as a casualty at the end of the exercise. On the plus note, viewers get to see the Audi S8 plus in action.

Under cover of the boys' military hijinks in Jordan, Jeremy Clarkson tries out Aston Martin's hardcore track-only monster machine called the Vulcan while James May checks out drivers love to spin their cars and do tricks in and out of the spinning car. And of course, another celebrity is added to the list of celebs being "killed" by The Grand Tour's Celebrity Braincrash segment and that involves Charlize Theron being eaten by a lion.

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