Thursday, December 1, 2016

Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! EP 02

Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! EP 02

The second split single CD inspired from the Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! app game features three new songs as heard from the game that will bring spark to those who still remembered the good old Akari Generation days of the Aikatsu franchise and those who are busying playing the app game based on the hit TV series. 

For this latest split single; STAR☆ANIS returns to perform three new songs such as ゴシック・ロックン・ローズ, ♡Powa×PuRi×Power♡, and クリスマス☆スターライト. As we are aware, the first and the last really suits to the theme of the holidays. ゴシック・ロックン・ローズ represents some Halloween vibes even when Halloween's over several weeks ago, while クリスマス☆スターライト represents the Yuletide vibes even when Christmas draws near. Either way, they're all heard from the PhotoKatsu game and fans are delighted to hear the full version of these songs as they pleased.

1) ゴシック・ロックン・ローズ
2) ♡Powa×PuRi×Power♡
3) クリスマス☆スターライト
4) ゴシック・ロックン・ローズ (off vocal)
5) ♡Powa×PuRi×Power♡ (off vocal)
6) クリスマス☆スターライト (off vocal)

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