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Aston Martin DB11

2017 Aston Martin DB11

Served as the replacement to the DB9, Aston Martin's brand new grand tourer, the DB11, marks the new chapter of the British sportscar maker's centennial history by peppering in some new and familiar elements an Aston would offer.

2017 Aston Martin DB11

Starting with the way it performs and for the first time in Aston's centennial history, the first ever DB11's V12 has now been miniaturized and turbocharged so this brand new 5.2L V12 Twin Turbo engine produces 608PS of power and 700Nm of torque, capable of getting through 60mph in less than four seconds and onwards to over 200mph, while mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox that doesn't behave like the jerkier double clutch gearboxes of today's sportscars. Although the turbocharged engine sounds too artificial but the power output is smooth for a grand tourer. Take it on the open roads and you can see that the new DB11 behaves in a serene grace with a sunnier disposition. You can really tell why this car is mainly focused for this kind of job because while this is a serene grand tourer full-stop, breaking its limits on the track is the harshest thing to do.

Yes, the DB11 maybe a luxury grand tourer but as a sportscar, it's about as shameless as slashing the Neo-Victorian dress into the shortest skirt possible. Because this car comes with Electric Power Steering and Torque Vectoring, breaking the DB11 beyond limits is something you are daring to accomplish at, no matter which racetrack you're going at. While this car is not designed to break lap times in a jiffy, it's still an enjoyable experience to understand what the new DB11 can do for you.

2017 Aston Martin DB11 interior
2017 Aston Martin DB11

So far as styling, the DB11's design balances the things that are right with the things that are wrong. Sure, the design is rather an improvement compared to the DB9, there's still wrong about how it looks. The rear view isn't the least of the problem but the interior is what puzzles anyone because it looks like a normal car interior with a sat-nav sourced from Mercedes-Benz due to its newly-found partnership. While this maybe called a sportscar, the interior doesn't look sporty for some and it feels as common as compacts on the city center.

The biggest problem with the DB11 is its pricing and with prices start at 154,900 Pounds, that sounds very costly to own but on the upside, you can afford one if your budget couldn't afford those ultra-expensive Italian exotics, especially Ferrari's F12berlinetta. Despite its high price, the DB11 marks a smooth renaissance for Aston Martin and it signal the start of something new for the British carmaker but it's going to be a risky challenge now that UK is no longer with the European Union by majority. Let's see how far can this new Aston can go to this new world order.

Photo: Aston Martin 

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