Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bubble Gang 21 Gang Salute Part 2

The second part of Bubble Gang's 21 anniversary special, or should we say 21 Gang Salute , continues the celebration not just the show but to honor most of the Philippines' greatest comedians in history in series of sketches and segments.

Stuff include Mr. Assimo and Babalu at the office, Ikaw at ang Ina takes on Snapchat, drum majorette, Tata Lino meets the legendary comedians, mission briefing gags, Tadyakan song, Let's Duet at the albularyo with AlDub, and Hugot Lines at the hospital.

It's been an honor to have the whole cast giving this show a 21 Gang Salute it deserves and as always, happy 21st anniversary, Bubble Gang!

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