Monday, December 26, 2016

Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special

Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special

After almost a long year of waiting, The Doctor has finally returned in this year's Christmas special involving a fateful encounter with a masked superhero with superpowers while dealing with a conspiracy that will enslave the world with nothing but alien technology.

Orphan Black's Justin Chatwin guest starred as a mysterious superhero named The Ghost and how did he gained superpowers is only how The Doctor granted him powers and warned him not to use it. Matt Lucas, meanwhile, returned to the show as Nardole, and Wolf Hall's Charity Wakefield played as journalist Lucy Fletcher, helping The Doctor uncover the sinister plot.

Having enjoyed this superhero-themed Christmas special, Whovians have waited for so many months to see The Doctor's return and with the rest of the world telling about what's what about this year's Christmas special, here's what you can expect on the tenth series of Doctor Who, coming next year.

In the meantime, DW fans reacted on this year's Christmas special in a special Doctor Who: The Fan Show web clip; (SPOILER WARNING!)

The Doctor will return on Series 10 next year alongside newcomer Pearl Mackie as Bill. Get ready for their next adventures through time and space!

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