Thursday, December 15, 2016

FH3 Blizzard Mountain: FORZA! ON ICE!!

Yes. You heard that right. It's Forza! On Ice!! Because for the first time in Forza history, snow has arrived and with the arrival of the brand new Forza Horizon 3 Blizzard Mountain expansion, drivers like you and me can taste snow for the very first time in a decade of Forza-ness while taking on the King of the Mountain event where you can take on several challenges, earn stars, and become the King of the Mountain in the end.

For my first outing in the brand new Blizzard Mountain expansion, I've gone for this. It's the Subaru WRX STi VT15R Rally Car, but this is the #199 car. This rally-spec WRX STi is run under the guise of Vermont SportsCar Racing. Founded by veteran rally car builder and former co-driver Lance Smith, Vermont SportsCar Racing founded the Subaru Rally Team USA ten years ago following its official support with Subaru. Since then, the team racked up nine Rally America championship wins in 2006-2009 and most recently from 2011-2015. This #199 WRX STi rally car that competed in the Open Class races this year was driven by the legendary Travis Pastrana. Even though he enjoyed his fierce rivalry by the rally ace, David Higgins, both Subaru's Rally America aces are very skilled to defend the honor of Subaru Rally Team USA's longstanding reputation in America's premiere rally championship and such reputation brought both Higgins and Pastrana back for the 2017 season of the Rally America National Championship.

Better take serious precautions on this one though because here in Blizzard Mountain, be on the lookout for extreme weather conditions because severe winter storms not only make the road much worse for your driving pleasure but also impairs visibility to near zero so you're going to need some serious skill to survive extreme icy conditions.

Also, to make cars prepare for the snowy conditions, snow tires are offered in almost all cars in your garage. A few cars have snow tires equipped but you are more than welcome to equip your favorite car with snow tires to get yourself ready on this frozen onslaught. Exotics are mostly welcome here as long as the tires are studless (and advisably four-wheel drive because it would be intimidating to drive a rear-wheel drive monster in the snow).

Lastly, the King of the Mountain challenges. Rather than fans, drivers need to earn stars in either bucket list challenges, PR stunts, and races. Races aside, the King of the Mountain challenges is more than just winning a race because to get three stars, you need to do a specific skill before winning a race. Skills involve jumps, drifts, wreckages, anything. So, now that you get the idea,

So, with the Blizzard Mountain basics now onto anyone's heads now, time to get my first dibs on the Blizzard Mountain expansion with this Subie that Pastrana drove in this year's season.

The snow may be as harsh as reality and so is the infamous Game of Thrones dialogue that winter is here but I got my survival instincts up and running to snag my first win and proceed to the next round of the King of the Mountain. With so many challenges going on in Blizzard Mountain, the only way to survive through this extreme icy conditions is to win through different challenges and become King of the Mountain. That's the only way I can survive Blizzard Mountain with a big smile on my face. Now, hurry. With all that snow going on around here, nothing can stop us from clearing those new challenges because (ahem) this is Forza on Ice and together, we are born to make history! Wait, what did I just said?!

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