Sunday, December 11, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: Falcon Finale

As you may have know, Ford ended their Australian car production after over nine decades of making some of the best cars for Australian people and the last Ford the Australians ever made is, of course, the FGX Falcon. It may be sad to hear about Ford ended their Australian car manufacturing, with GM's Holden following suit next year, but for me, I haven't even got the chance to say goodbye to the last Australian Ford ever made...until now.

Because Forza Horizon 3 is set in the Land Down Under and while this game is honoring the best Australian cars in history before their manufacturing days are well and truly over, it was quite an honor for a game like this to feature the last Australian Ford ever made, which is the FG-X Falcon XR8, the grand finale for Australia's iconic Falcon marque and basically a minor change version of the FG Falcon. Although basically labeled a minor change, the FG-X Falcon is one way of giving their Australian production a proper sendoff they truly deserve. Also for this last Falcon ever made, it brought back the XR8 name, which is powered by a 5.0L V8 engine that produces 450HP of power output, making it the most powerful Falcon ever made.

By putting emphasis on the XR8, Australian car enthusiasts didn't want the Falcon's efforts to go in vain by giving the FG-X Falcon a well-deserved send-off just the way they want and within a couple of generations later, this would become a future classic, where future car enthusiasts will truly remember it for many moments to come as the last Australian Ford ever made and while it sheds us so many tears in our eyes, taking one final spin with the Falcon would be rather touching as I shall be driving the Falcon XR8 on a certain event invited to modern muscle cars and hopefully, this Falcon's efforts will not go unrewarded for me.

Well, it maybe weak on its braking while wet, it maybe difficult to handle on the bends, and it maybe challenging to drive, but in the end, I gave the FG-X Falcon an appropriately grand goodbye to Australia's iconic saloon that was been part of Australia's motoring family for over nine decades. Although the Falcon is heading itself to the great highway in the sky, fans will surely remember that those who own it will carve their own memories for many generations to come and that is why the last Ford Falcon in history was made for one purpose; storing good memories for the drivers who treated it as part of the family.

So, it's an honor to meet with the final Ford Falcon in history and your Aussie V8 power will be surely be missed. Goodbye, mate.

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