Saturday, December 24, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: The Jungle Belle

Although this car says "GT R", this is not what this car seems because if you look closely, the GT R in question is not the Nissan GT-R, but rather a Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Yes. This is the one I was referring to. The high-powered version of the Mercedes-AMG GT sports coupe has arrived in Forza Horizon 3 via the Logitech G Car Pack. With that, players can take the beast from the Green Hell for a spin round the Land Down Under anyway they want.

Before taking this powered-up version of the AMG GT for a drive, what's it all about the AMG GT R? With the success of the the Mercedes-AMG GT, the latest flagship sports coupe that replaces the wondrous SLS AMG, the engineers decided to push this car a little further by injecting all their motorsport experiences into this car to create the AMG GT R. 

While this is basically a road-going version of the AMG GT3 racing machine, this new version features an upgraded 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine producing 585HP of power as well as an upgraded suspension, new aerodynamics and the intelligent lightweight construction to deliver a race-honed feel on the road and on the track. 

Using the infamous Nurburgring as the benchmark to develop this car, the AMG GT R comes with an exclusive "AMG green hell magno" exterior color that reminds customers that this car was developed at the Nurburgring. It even comes with a special kind of active aerodynamics profile, which is concealed almost invisibly in the underbody in the front of the engine. When in RACE mode and going on 80kph, it automatically moves downward by about 40mm and changes the airflow considerably. With its track-honed dynamics, improved V8 engine, and its clever aerodynamics, the AMG GT R sets the standards for the AMG range and its capabilities are very impossible to ignore.

Spending an hour with this car is a clear reminder why I am tempted by the beast from the Nurburgring and the way the AMG GT R performs is like the Rumble in the Jungle. With that "green hell magno" color, the muscular tone of its V8 engine which isn't so bad for a turbocharged engine (although skeptical, I presume), and its clever aerodynamics that sticks to the road like butter, I had to say that I'm impressed with AMG's latest creation. By turning the AMG GT into a primal predator on a primeval scale, its dynamic character is unique and special in each and other way, although further concentration is very much needed because the next time you're trying to catch up with this car against other muscular machines, the only way to get them is through the corners. That's it. And if you're lucky, you'll be able to slip in like a thief in a night.

Speaking of Rumble in the Jungle, the AMG GT R's ready for its shooting schedule with me, demonstrating its Nurburgring-honed talents in the Land Down Under. However, there are script rewrites occurred for some numerous reasons...

From beast of the Green Hell into a "jungle belle", feels like someone has leapt from the tree for no reason and if anyone see this one with Aikatsu Stars' Yuzu Nikaido on the exterior paint, chances are this beast has turned into a beauty...who leapt from the tree at the school grounds. I am having such a braincrash every time an idol girl is plastered on a car of my choosing, if you know what I mean? Anyway, no time to talk about it because the AMG GT R ready to show the world how it does against other AMG owners playing as background extras. So, are you ready?


It maybe a difficult task to follow but it's good to know that I finally understand how the AMG GT R works during a meeting with other AMG machines all over Australia and while this is insanely a German sportscar with dynamic behavior, its handling and aerodynamics will give a clear reminder that this Nurburgring-engineered machine can do more than just lap times. It's just about having fun as a sportscar made for the discerning few and I have to give Mercedes-AMG a brave thanks.

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