Friday, December 9, 2016

Forza Horizon 3: The three-wheeled turncoat

You know that Reliant Supervan you got from a barn find? Yep, that three-wheeled nightmare that kept us flipping like the one from the Mr. Bean TV shows and gee, that was quite a challenge to get this one straight during a race. Turns out that Reliant isn't the only three-wheeled vehicle running through the roads Down Under because there's another three-wheeled car on the road and it's from the latest Logitech G Car Pack for Forza Horizon 3.

Seen here is the Morgan 3 Wheeler, and this car's no Reliant as I driven one in-game because despite having three wheels, this car will never roll you down like the jokingly disastrous Reliant Supervan, in fact, this is going to be another one of the British cars you can spend most of the time enjoying on the road and this one is a belter.

One of the most unique cars ever made in the United Kingdom, the Morgan 3 Wheeler promises to bring enjoyment back to personal transport. Although the design is rather vintage, the Morgan 3 Wheeler features 21st century stuff such as a V Twin fuel injected engine crafted by specialist engine builder S&S while mated to a Mazda-sourced 5-speed manual gearbox.

For safety regulations, the Morgan 3 Wheeler comes with a reinforced tubular chassis and twin roll bars for both the driver and passenger while traction to the single rear tire is provided by its sturdy V belt. Thanks to such specifications, the 3 Wheeler is road legal not just in UK, but also US and European road transport authorities for safety and emissions.

Customers are welcomed to customize the 3 Wheeler with bespoke leather and paint as well as polished parts for a more classic look and graphic packs for sporty appeal such as special designs inspired by US military and British Air Force, among many others.

Of course, since this is a three-wheeler, having one of these in real life is difficult because the Morgan 3-Wheeler isn't really a car at all and it fell into the motorcycle category, meaning drivers need to have a motorcycle license to operate it. However, in the fantasy world of the Land Down Under in Forza Horizon 3, you don't have to. You just get in and go to your heart's content, discovering the possibilities of a three wheeler that doesn't kill you like the Reliant. Although it's short on power, it's lightweight yet rigid chassis makes its handling rather unique in every single way. You are going to like the way it does for you because with this 3 Wheeler, you will spend lots of time enjoying it to the fullest.

Remember the 3 Wheeler that Richard Hammond drove back in Top Gear since 2012? Well, I recreated it from almost every single detail with the motif that was inspired by fighter planes used in wars from the last century and while it has some British Air Force look, it's still a Morgan 3 Wheeler and I made it just to give anyone a spark of the good old Top Gear, back when Clarkson, Hammond, and May made it great until they are sacked by the BBC. Sure is nostalgic in every single way but I had a chance to try the 3 Wheeler by myself, just to keep my hopes up.

So, the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Track toy? Yeah. Street legal? Yeah. Daily driver? Probably no, but whatever that is, its unique design and dynamics is unlike that disgraceful Reliant Supervan I drove a while back and if anyone's intend to hoon it, good luck with that, as long as you don't crash it. Get it? Good because this is going to be your next addictive ride you can drive on the Land Down Under on Forza Horizon 3.

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